Our International division exports to over 25 countries worldwide. 

Working with local distributors we are supplying innovative products which are exclusive to Harbro including Maxammon, Rumitech and Energyze. 

Our team dedicated of international specialists will work with you to guide you through the importing process, right through to bringing the products to the market in your country, offering competitive margins and enhanced customer loyalty.

All Harbro products incorporate the highest quality raw materials, ingredients and feed additives and are backed with access to an internationally renowned team of nutritionists covering ruminants, poultry, pig and equine.

Contact us: info@harbro.co.uk 

  • Our Story

    Established in Scotland, the heart of UK agriculture, Harbro has been supplying farmers with quality livestock nutrition since 1977. A second generation privately owned business, which now supplies over 900,000 tonnes of performance-led animal feed each year.

    With an emphasis on continuous technical and research driven nutritional development, farm profitability remains at our core, as we strive to introduce innovative and pioneering products to both the UK and overseas market.

    With a team of 500 employees from production through to nutrition expertise, the business has forged a reputation as one of the UK’s leading on farm nutritional providers, in all sectors of livestock production.

  • Our vision

    To be the first choice for innovative high quality livestock solutions focused on improving animal performance and our customers’ profitability

  • Our Partnerships

    We work in partnership with farmers, processors, retailers, nutritionists, consultants and research organisations to ensure we are involved with the whole supply chain and have a comprehensive understanding of the agri industry in the UK and overseas.

  • Our Innovation

    We are leading the way in farm innovation and offer products such as Maxammon and Rumitech.

    Maxammon is grain treatment, which has been shown create a more stable pH, helping to improve rumen performance, feed conversion, digestibility, DLWG, milk solids and yield. Suitable for treatment of small grains, corn and fibre e.g. straw, bran. Already a global success with over 20 countries already feeding Maxammon.

    Rumitech is a feed additive, which reduces methane emissions helping to improve feed efficiency and intake, improve grading and killing out percentage in beef cattle and improve milk production and fertility in dairy cows. Assured by the Carbon Trust

  • Our Feed Buckets

    Designed for sheep, cattle, goats and horses, we offer a range of molassed licks in buckets. With 40% molasses plus a range of minerals, vitamins, specific feed ingredients and additives. A flexible way of feeding, intakes range from 25 – 150g/sheep/day or 125 – 500g/cattle/day depending on formulation. Available in 10kg and 100kg buckets, own label and bespoke products available.

  • Our Feed Blocks

    Suitable for sheep, cattle and goats our feed blocks offer a concentrated source of protein, enery and minerals in compressed 500mm wide disc, which can be fed on an ad lib basis. Ideal to feed to support grazing and poorer quality forage. Typical intakes 100-300g/sheep/day, 250 – 750g/cattle/day. Formulated using Scottish Wheat Distillers Dark Grains with the options to other nutritional components such as Omega 3 Oils, Active S, Mannans, By-pas Protein and more.