Innovative Products

  • RumiTech Dairy

    25 Jan 2017

    Create an efficient rumen environment 

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  • Maxammon Rumi-Guard

    23 Jan 2017

    The Acidosis Risk  With an increasing pressure to improve animal performance and unit productivity, the dairy farmer is faced with the challenge of balancing the need to provide sufficient feed for a high level of production whilst trying to reduce the risk of acidosis. Acidosis is a metabolic disease caused by feeding high levels of rapidly digested, starchy diets in order to meet demands...

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  • RumiTech Beef

    20 Jan 2017

      This unique feed additive encourages a more efficient rumen environment, enhancing rumen function and maximising your herd’s performance:- Reduces energy lost as methane Retains more energy for production Improves feed efficiency by 10% Improves margin and profitability Beef trials across the UK using RumiTech have shown clear benefits in feed conversion efficiency. We have consis...

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  • Maxammon

    10 Jan 2017

    Maxammon is a complementary feed which when combined with urea and grain, results in a nutritionally enhanced, high protein, high pH feed for improved animal performance. 

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