Energyze Vitality

25 Aug 2017

Aids prevention of twin lamb disease. Improves colostrum quality. Helps produce strong, healthy lambs

Designed to provide instant energy and meet the high nutritional demands of the ewe during late pregnancy, providing the lamb with vital early nutritional support.

When to feed

Late Winter to Spring - depending on your lambing pattern introduce 6-8 weeks pre-lambing and continue once lambing is complete until grass is more plentiful and additional feed energy is no longer required.

Don't forget to then re-introduce Feet, Fertility & Worms to ensure vitamin and mineral requirements are met.

It's in the bucket

 Propylene Glycol  Reduces the risk of twin lamb disease
 Mannans  Colostrum quality, vitality and immunity
 Algae  High DHA level to help new-born lambs stand and suckle quicker
 Omega 3 Oils  Boosts performance and vitality
 Sel-Plex  Vigour, growth, reproduction and repairing cell damage
 Choline  Rapid lamb growth, encourages positive genetic traits
 Vitamin E  Enhances immunity and vitality
 Vitamin B12  Enhances appetite and reduces ill-thrift as well as lamb growth
 Vitamin B1  Prevents CCN
Sodium Prevents dehydration
Active-S Supports rumen function, encouraging DMI and energy availability
High Quality DUP More productive livestock
No added vegetable fat Reduces risk of fat metabolism issues, reduces risk of twin lamb disease, ketosis and poor liver function

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