Feet & Fertility

25 Aug 2017

Improve conception rates and combat foot issues

Formulated to enhance fertility and improve foot health. 

When to feed

Spring to Autumn - pre-tupping/ at tupping for ewes and tups - grass is plentiful, however it is still important to provide essential vitamins and minerals to ensure nutrient requirements are met.

It's in the bucket

 Omega 3 Oils  Fertility, hormones, egg development, viability and conception
 Choline  Ewe's body condition, increases lambs born alive, colostrum quality, lamb growth
 Zn-Tek  Feet condition, fertility, growth and development
 Biotin  Hair and hoof condition, reduces lameness risk
 Vitamin E  Lamb vigour, immunity and fertility
 Cobalt/Vitamin B12  Lamb growth rate
 Sel-plex  Lamb vigour, immune response and fertility
 Salt  Enhances trace elements and supports dry matter intake
 Chelates  Optimum health and performance

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