RumiTech Beef

20 Jan 2017


This unique feed additive encourages a more efficient rumen environment, enhancing rumen function and maximising your herd’s performance:-

  • Reduces energy lost as methane
  • Retains more energy for production
  • Improves feed efficiency by 10%
  • Improves margin and profitability

Beef trials across the UK using RumiTech have shown clear benefits in feed conversion efficiency. We have consistently found that diets which incorporate RumiTech have increased the output per kilo dry matter intake and the farmers are also noticing the knock-on effects of this increased efficiency.

RumiTech trials showed that farmers experienced improved grading and killing out percentage. 

Harbro carried out trials with prominent Aberdeenshire beef farmers Thomson and Michael Wilson, Brownhill of Annochie. Cattle were randomly split into groups of 90 cattle. The finishing diet was fed to large finishing steers 100-120 days before slaughter.

Both groups had exactly the same diet apart from one group had RumiTech added to the minerals. Within two weeks, it was noted that the cattle being fed RumiTech were consuming much less compared to the control group, yet both groups achieved the same average daily gain (1.4 kg/head/day.) As a result, the Rumitech group had a much better feed conversion efficiency.


Intakes and weight gains were closely monitored right through to slaughter in all finishing cattle on the farm.

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