RumiTech Dairy

25 Jan 2017

RumiTech has been specifically formulated to decrease energy loss in the rumen caused by the production of methane by rumen microbes:-

• Improves feed conversion efficiency • Improves milk production
• Improves retained energy • Improves fertility
• Reduces ketosis

RumiTech works by making more of the energy in the feed available to the cow, reducing methane emissions and improving rumen function. This enables the cow to absorb more energy from every kilogramme of feed, which is particularly important in early lactation when the dairy cow is constantly striving to meet her energy requirements.

By capturing more energy from feed and increasing the rate of rumen digestion RumiTech significantly improves FCE.

The effect of improved FCE depends on stage of lactation:-

Early Lactation Late Lactation

Intake increases to meet energy requirements, milk yield increases, loss in body condition is reduced

Cows eat 10% less feed with no difference in milk yield 

By reducing the loss of body condition in early lactation, cows will return to a positive energy balance more quickly and it is this that triggers a return to oestrus. This was clearly demonstrated in trials where conception to service was increased by 52% when RumiTech was fed.

RumiTech Dairy Trials 

Trials carried out showed that cows consumed and absorbed more energy in early lactation, which allowed them to return to a positive energy balance more quickly and mobilise less body condition.

  Control  RumiTech  % Difference
Number of cows  56 62  
An indication of backfat breakdown free-fatty acids *0-30 DIM (mmol/l) 0.68c 0.51d -25%
Backfat Thickness* 57-100 DIM (mm) 9.7a 12.9b +33%
Conception rate to 1st service 48.1a  73.2b +525

* Values with different letters represents a significant difference a, b (p<0.01) c,d (P<0.05)

Results also showed:-

• Blood indicators of backfat breakdown were 25% lower
• Body fat level measured by ultra sound is 33% higher
• Conception rate to 1st service improved by 52%

An earlier performance trial showed that the inclusion of RumiTech in the diet improved dry matter intake, milk production and feed conversion efficiency.

  Control RumiTech % Difference
Number of cows 214 205  
Dry matter intake (kgDM/head/day) 23.2 24.7 +6.5%
Milk production (kg/head/day)** 35.4 38.7 +9.3%
Feed conversion efficiency (kg milk/kgDM) 1.55 1.58 +2.05

Maximising performance

Successful RumiTech trial resulted in a significant improvement in feed conversion efficiency (FCE) and an improvement in fertility at a 500 cow Holstein herd in the south-west Scotland.

During the trial all milking cows were fed a standard TMR for four months followed by a further eight months on the same TMR with the addition of RumiTech. No parlour cake was fed and all the milking cows received the same TMR from calving till drying-off.

Cow performance and fertility data was collected from milk sheets and production software. Across the herd, there was no significant increase in intake but there was a significant increase in FCE with a 5% increase in milk yield equivalent to 1.6 litres per day.

The additional benefit was an improvement in herd fertility with calving interval reduced by 22 days and cows coming into heat stronger and earlier by 2.8 days.

The TMR at the farm was analysed by Harbro and a balanced mineral and vitamin concentrate package was created to include Rumitech, Evo and Alkacid, resulting in improved herd performance; yielding 10933 litres with protein of 3.15% and butterfat at 3.81%.

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