Super Suckler SEC

11 Jan 2021

Using the latest nutritional advances our team of nutritionists have developed Super Suckler, which has been formulated with three core objectives to help improve the performance of the suckler herd:-

  • Maximise health and fertility 
  • Boost calf vitality 
  • Help to prevent grass staggers

Feeding Super Suckler pre and post calving ensures that the suckler cow is receiving a nutrient balanced diet during the vital period of production combating any deficiencies in the available forage leading to:-

  • Easier calving, less mortality 
  • Improved colostrum quality and milk production 
  • Reduction in the recovery period after calving in preparation for next service
  • Improving first conception 
  • Re-starting the oestrus cycle, helping to improve egg viability and embryo survival
  • Tightening the total calving period, improving overall performance 


Super Suckler SEC - the solution...

Mineral/Vitamin Feature For improved 
Sel-Plex Elevated selenium levels giving a threefold increase in selenium blood levels Calf vigour, immune response and
Cu-Tek Unique combination of copper
sources to boost copper absorption
and overcome issues with copper
anagonists molybdenum and iron
Fertility, growth and anti-oxidant
Zn-Tek Source of chelated zinc, which ensures
optimum supply in low availability
Growth, development, feet
condition and fertility
Vitamin E Optimum level  Calf vigour, immunity and fertility
Phosphorus Highly available source for energy
Hormone production for fertility
Iodine Optimum level Calf vigour and fertility
Magnesium  Bio-available magnesium source  Reduced susceptibility to grass stagger (hypomagnesemia)
Vitamin B12 and Cobalt Essential for energy metabolism Calf growth rate 
Omega 3 fats* Enriched with pure fish oils  Fertility hormones, responsible for egg development, viability and conception 

*Available bucket only

Super Suckler also has the additional benefit of supplying a full complement of key vitamins and trace elements. 

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