Nutritional Articles

  • Harbro Horse Ambassador, Rosa Onslow April 2020

    3 Apr 2020

    The staff in Harbro Hawick are always friendly and show real strength at this difficult time. A real beacon of light.  

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  • Harbro Horse Ambassador: Rosa Onslow

    12 Mar 2020

    Harbro Horse Ambassador, Rosa Onslow, continues to prepare for competition season

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  • EQUINE - Balancers Explained

    6 Mar 2020

    Everything you ever wanted to know about balancers by Harbro Nutritionist Dr Vicki Glasgow

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  • Harbro Index of Pig Performance (HIPP) allows producers to benchmark their performance and improve efficiency

    26 Feb 2020

    Although the UK pig industry is renowned for its use of data in striving for improvements in performance and efficiency, for some producers the amount of data can seem quite overbearing. The broiler sector widely use the European Production Efficiency Factor (EPEF) formula to assess efficiency but for pigs there is not an equivalent industry standard. Working in partnership with pig producers...

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  • 2020 lambing list service

    20 Feb 2020

    Download your 2020 lambing list now

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