Nutritional Articles

  • GrassWatch 29 June 2020

    2 Jul 2020

    Wendy Hutton, one of our dairy specialists gives us an insight into current grass performance (29 June) The eagerly awaited rain over the last two weeks and the continuation of high temperatures has seen an increase of grass growth.  From its lowest point of approx. 40kg DM/ha/day the two weeks following has seen the results of an average growth increase to 64kg DM/ha/day.  Scotland has seen...

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  • Maximise performance from home grown cereals using Maxammon

    1 Jul 2020

    Maxammon is a grain treatment process that increases the protein, pH and digestibility of the grain, leading to improved rumen performance, improved feed conversion and increased DLWG.     Tried and tested With more than a decade of farm success, Maxammon has been developed and tested by over 14 universities and research institutes across the globe. On farm results Doug Dear contract fini...

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  • Harbro Horse Ambassador: Rosa Onslow June 2020

    29 Jun 2020

    "My secret weapon is Harbro Conditioning cubes. Horses will not perform without good feeding and I feel that is one area where I have no worries." 

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  • Traditional grazing breed achieves increased performance using modern approach

    26 Jun 2020

    Vice President of the Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society, Charles Horton runs his 100 cow Shorthorn Hannington pedigree herd at Nell farm in Gloucestershire. A split site, the arable operation comprising of 3,000 acres is run at Poulton Fields with the livestock kept at Nell Farm. Charles keeps 600 ewes and 100 Pedigree Beef Shorthorn cows, all of which are finished under the Morrisons Shorthorn S...

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  • Improve your health and performance with Maxammon

    24 Jun 2020

    Maxammon is a grain treatment process that improves rumen performance and digestibility and as a result, leads to improved feed efficiency.   Maxammon feeding systems: Treating suitable grain at harvest or dried grain throughout the year. Wholecrop, straw and pulses can also be treated. We offer a Maxammon processing service. Supply of Maxammon grain Supply of Maxammon blended feed a...

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