Nutritional Articles

  • DAIRY - Important Winter Feeding Decisions

    1 Nov 2016

    As the days draw in and grass growth drops off, many of you are now looking towards winter housing and how to maximise milk production as economically as possible to recoup some margin on the improving milk price.

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  • BEEF - Adding value to Homegrown Grain for Homebred Cattle

    1 Oct 2016

    Farmers are continuously looking for ways to improve livestock systems; a simple but effective approach is benefiting Iain and June Robertson from Lower Inchcorsie, Rothiemay, by allowing them to finish the progeny from their 70 head of suckler cows with greater ease and efficiency, making better use of home grown cereals. Around 60 acres of barley is sown each year on the 300 acre unit. Harve...

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