Nutritional Articles

  • Tailored rations deliver success at Kenniford

    30 Oct 2018

    Andrew Freemantle, along with his wife, Liz and young family run Kenniford Farm in Devon, a high welfare pig farm that has been operating for the past 25 years. After leaving agricultural college, Andrew worked as harvest help on a pig farm before the family purchased the current site at Kenniford in 1993. The ex-dairy farm was bought as part of an initiative to encourage new entrants to the in...

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  • Challenging current perceptions about livestock's efficiency

    3 Oct 2018

    Yet again the livestock industry was being targeted in the mainstream media the other week with a Guardian article claiming that “Europe’s meat and dairy production must halve by 2050”.  The reason, it is claimed, is that the EU’s farming sector had “exceeded safe bounds for greenhouse gas emissions“. Agriculture seems a pretty easy target, and there is no doubt that it must play an active,...

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