Nutritional Articles

  • BEEF - In pursuit of the perfect suckler cow

    26 Nov 2018

    Gill and Malcolm Pye bought their 700 acre Rednock Estate in Stirlingshire in 2014. Having researched and invested in the development of an improved suckler female for the past 30 years, the site was bought with the intention of giving them enough space to run a successful commercial suckler herd alongside their Pedigrees. Today the farm is largely given over to cattle, with a small forestry en...

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    22 Nov 2018

    One of the most common winter time health problems in equines is colic. Colic is basically gut pain, and can be very distressing for both horse and owner. The main problem with colic is that, in the early stages, it is impossible to distinguish a mild attack from a potentially fatal one and therefore all cases of colic should be taken seriously. There are steps that we can all take to try to mi...

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  • Challenging current perceptions about livestock's efficiency

    15 Nov 2018

    With reports again in the media commenting on the impact that ruminants have on carbon emissions, the requirement and appetite within the industry for change has never been greater. Although this brings uncertainty for some, for the more progressive farmer, and for the industry as a whole, it brings a welcome drive for efficiency with resultant benefits for the farmer and the environment alike....

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  • Harbro supports farmers to reduce their carbon footprint

    14 Nov 2018

    At Harbro we are committed to developing sustainable agriculture systems which protect natural resources at the same time as meeting the food requirements of a growing population. Our R&D team spearhead a number of projects with universities and research institutes across the globe harnessing the power of research, technology and innovation to deliver efficiencies to the supply chain. Will...

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