Nutritional Articles

  • Happy Hens at Home

    28 Mar 2019

    Georgena Heggie at our Perth store has had chickens since she was 8 years old, and now has over 100 of them, including breeds such as Scots Greys and Scots Dumpys, which she shows, and has won the title of Supreme Champion at the Scottish National Poultry Show. 

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  • Reducing carbon emissions in the supply chain

    14 Mar 2019

        After an independent review of evidence, the Carbon Trust has provided an assurance that: “Rumitech can significantly reduce enteric methane emissions and improve feed efficiency in dairy and beef cattle, without affecting productivity.” “Harbro trials have shown that the correct use of the product, within a predominantly forage-based diet, reduces dairy or beef enteric methane emission...

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  • Young Riders Blog: Rosa Onslow, March 2019

    7 Mar 2019

    Latest update from Harbro Young Rider, Rosa Onslow

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