Nutritional Articles

  • Scottish innovation achieves international success

    14 Jun 2019

                                        Maxammon is a grain treatment process that improves rumen performance and digestibility and as a result, leads to improved feed efficiency. With the resulting benefits including significant increases in production, both in terms of liveweight gain and improved milk yield, as well as improved health and fertility, Maxammon can make a huge impact to the overa...

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  • EQUINE: Young Rider Update: June 2019

    11 Jun 2019

    Harbro Young Rider Rosa Onslow updates us about her latest progress, including being longlisted for TeamGB

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  • Maintaining cattle performance at grass

    4 Jun 2019

    By Jill Hunter, Harbro Beef & Sheep Nutritionist As margins tighten and the pursuit of efficiency continues, producers cannot afford to become complacent when shed doors are opened and animals are turned out for the summer months. Keeping animals indoors all year round is the easiest way to keep a handle on performance measures such as intakes, liveweight gains and costs. When inside, pro...

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