Nutritional Articles

  • DAIRY - Maximise cereals with Maxammon wholecrop

    16 Jul 2019

    Micky Callan runs a grass based, spring calving dairy herd of 450 cows in County Louth. Wheat and barley are whole cropped and treated with Maxammon and are fed as part of the TMR to all livestock, including cows, heifers and calves. Maxammon has become a vital component of the Callan’s buffer feeding strategy. Micky comments, “Since introducing Maxammon high dry matter wholecrop four years ag...

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  • Combining the best nutrition and management with epigenetics to shape the future of sheep

    12 Jul 2019

    How can we combine nutrition and management to get the best out of the genetics we have? The best place to start is by looking at the nutrition of the ewes and the tups before tupping. The concept of epigenetics is a simple one. All lambs are born with the same genetic potential. Genes are either switched on or off. The genes we’re interested in are the genes which get us the results we want....

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  • University of Milan beef finishing trial

    11 Jul 2019

    A recent trial was co-ordinated by Prof Carlo Rossi at the University of Milan Veterinary Sciences department in conjunction with Italian beef integrator, Ripamonti. The aim was to evaluate the effects of Maxammon treated maize when fed to beef cattle to determine physical and financial impact on health, growth performance and meat quality. Maxammon is a proven grain treatment process result...

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