Nutritional Articles

  • Dedication, determination and attention to detail the only way to turn out tups

    26 Aug 2019

    by Jill Hunter Many factors have to be considered when turning out tups, including: genetics, conformation, body condition, feet, feeding, fertility and health. It all needs to come together at the same time and be completely spot-on come sale day. This doesn’t happen by chance. It takes great determination, meticulous attention to detail and utter dedication to bring everything together. Yea...

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  • Rumitech fed bulls are the key to maximising output at Garson

    23 Aug 2019

    Stewart Wood and his son Gareth run the family-owned farm of Garson which is situated on a former wartime airfield at Sandwick, Orkney.  The farm comprises of 500 acres with a further 90 acres taken on a seasonal let basis.   65 acres of spring barley and 10 acres of oats are grown for feeding. The livestock on the farm includes a 200 head flock of home-bred Cheviot cross ewes along with Texel...

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  • Young Rider Update: Rosa Onslow, July 2019

    5 Aug 2019

    Young Rider, Rosa Onslow updates us on her progress this month

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