Nutritional Articles

  • Harbro Index of Pig Performance (HIPP) allows producers to benchmark their performance and improve efficiency

    26 Feb 2020

    Although the UK pig industry is renowned for its use of data in striving for improvements in performance and efficiency, for some producers the amount of data can seem quite overbearing. The broiler sector widely use the European Production Efficiency Factor (EPEF) formula to assess efficiency but for pigs there is not an equivalent industry standard. Working in partnership with pig producers...

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  • 2020 lambing list service

    20 Feb 2020

    Download your 2020 lambing list now

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  • Harbro Horse Ambassador, Rosa Onslow February 2020

    10 Feb 2020

    “Future success will be down to the basics – the feeding” January has flown by, and the pace of preparation for the coming season has stepped up.  

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  • Tropper mixed diets reduce aggression and increase performance

    4 Feb 2020

    Link between pellets and gastric ulceration An increasing body of research has shown a link between finely milled feed found in some meals and pellets and an increased risk of gastric ulceration. Gastric ulceration can lead to reduced intakes and reduced growth. It has also been linked to increased instances of tail biting and aggression which is likely to be as result of pain or discomfort....

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