Nutritional Articles


    29 Apr 2020

      *Purchase more than 0.6 tonnes of Harbro Buttercup calf milk and receive a credit of 1 bag per 0.6 tonnes in August. Orders placed in May-July will be collated and credits accumulated for all calf milk purchases over these months - e.g. orders totalling 0.6 tonnes during this time will receive credit for 1 bag, orders totalling 1.2 tonnes will receive a credit for 2 bags, etc.   What to...

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  • Rumen development key for future success

    27 Apr 2020

    A recognised component for farm profitability is the number of days animals spend on farm. The less days an animal is on farm, the more profit it leaves behind. Less days on farm also allows throughput to be increased, again improving farm profitability. The most efficient time to feed There are many stages of production which nutrition can influence. The biggest influence we can have to redu...

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  • Sustainable approach delivers success at Kingan

    23 Apr 2020

    The Kingan family run Kingan Farms in New Abbey near Dumfries where five generations of the family have produced beef over the past 150 years. A forward thinking and dynamic business, the farm has recently won the accolade of AgriScot Scotch Beef Farm of the Year against fierce competition from other progressive farms in Scotland. The original farm business started as James Kingan & Son...

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  • Grazing compound range

    21 Apr 2020

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  • EQUINE: Feeding during lockdown

    16 Apr 2020

    Harbro nutritionist, Dr Vicki Glasgow, talks about moving to a basic diet during lock down but reminds owners that it is still important to top-up vitamins and minerals.  

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