Nutritional Articles

  • Harbro Horse Ambassador: Rosa Onslow June 2020

    29 Jun 2020

    "My secret weapon is Harbro Conditioning cubes. Horses will not perform without good feeding and I feel that is one area where I have no worries." 

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  • Traditional grazing breed achieves increased performance using modern approach

    26 Jun 2020

    Vice President of the Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society, Charles Horton runs his 100 cow Shorthorn Hannington pedigree herd at Nell farm in Gloucestershire. A split site, the arable operation comprising of 3,000 acres is run at Poulton Fields with the livestock kept at Nell Farm. Charles keeps 600 ewes and 100 Pedigree Beef Shorthorn cows, all of which are finished under the Morrisons Shorthorn S...

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  • Improve your health and performance with Maxammon

    24 Jun 2020

    Maxammon is a grain treatment process that improves rumen performance and digestibility and as a result, leads to improved feed efficiency.   Maxammon feeding systems: Treating suitable grain at harvest or dried grain throughout the year. Wholecrop, straw and pulses can also be treated. We offer a Maxammon processing service. Supply of Maxammon grain Supply of Maxammon blended feed a...

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  • Create high performance livestock rations from home grown cereals

    22 Jun 2020

        Maxammon is available as treatment packs for mixing at home or can be ordered as pre-treated grain. It has significant performance benefits for dairy as well as beef cattle.       For a quote or to place an order call: 01888 545400   

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  • Options for harvest

    17 Jun 2020

    By Alistair Stewart, Harbro Beef and Sheep specialist The prediction is there will be plenty of feed barley this harvest and it will be discounted. This is firstly due to the wet autumn which reduced winter wheat sowing, resulting in an increased area of spring barley being drilled. More recently, COVID-19 has forced closures of distilleries and the subsequent drop in demand for malting barley...

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