Nutritional Articles

  • Utilise home grown cereals to make cost effective high performance rations

    30 Sep 2020

      With cereals looking to be plentiful this winter, Beef & Sheep Specialist Peter Oag explains how producers can cost effectively use concentrates to feed stock this winter. Concentrates are quickly and easily mixed with homegrown or locally sourced cereal at the required level to give the desired level of protein for each class of stock, alongside the relevant vitamins, minerals and ad...

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  • Reduce your cost of production

    24 Sep 2020

    Our unique additive Rumitech has been assured by The Carbon Trust to ‘significantly reduce enteric methane emissions and improve feed efficiency.' The result of this more efficient rumen environment is: Improved feed conversion Reduced feed intake Improved killing out percentages Improved performance Reduce carbon footprint Flexible feeding system Rumitech can be introduced to any f...

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  • Achieving quantity of eggs and size well above the breed standard

    4 Sep 2020

    Jonathan Stokes runs a 300 acre mixed farm just outside Shrewsbury. Along with over 100,000 free range hens, Jonathan has 300 ewes and grows a mix of cereals and grass which are used to feed the livestock. In recent years, the business has also diversified into a successful holiday park with a carp fishing lake. The family run a progressive operation, with a clear focus on producing a qualit...

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