Nutritional Articles

  • Maximise Grain at Harvest - Ireland

    30 Jun 2021

    As we head into harvest, with the continual rising cost of feed protein and other bought in non native feeds such as maize, farmers need to look at the alternatives for making the most of their farm treated grain this harvest to ensure that winter feed costs are kept to a minimum. There are also real concerns about the availability of Propcorn/propionic acid this season and prices predicted to...

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  • EQUINE - Balancing feed during summer

    29 Jun 2021

    Dr Vicki Glasgow, Harbro nutritionist Getting the balance of vits and mins right is just as important in summer as it is in winter  

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  • Maxammonn - More Efficient, More Output, Lower Carbon Diet

    28 Jun 2021

    With a number of recent press articles raising environmental questions with urea based grain treatments, we felt it was important highlight not only the inaccuracies of these articles but also the positive performance and environmental benefits of Maxammon  Please note that there are considerable differences between urea-...

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  • Maxammon Kelso Tup & Lamb

    22 Jun 2021

    Feeding for Success Developed alongside the best producers in the pedigree world, find out how you can feed for success with Maxammon Kelso Tup & Lamb. Our highly palatable 16% nut meets the needs of high quality lambs, shearlings and gimmers and maximises the performance of both pedigree and commercial stock.  Maxammon improves rumen function, rumen health and animal performance Ru...

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  • Increased milk yield with our NutriONics rationing programme

    18 Jun 2021

    Dumfries dairy farmer Willie Purdie has recorded his highest ever milk yields following a re-design of this ration using our new NutriONics rationing programme. Willie, of Inglestonford Farm, New Abbey, saw daily yields from his 200-head herd increase by more than 500 litres after the new ration was introduced in November 2020.   The new winter ration included Harbro MaizeMilk 18 Nuts – a be...

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