Nutritional Articles


    6 Sep 2018

    ROSA ONSLOW FROM HAWICK. SOUTH OF SCOTLAND WINNER August has been another busy month for me but not involving too much competing, as now the horses are mainly competing at international events, they do not do more than one a month. However, I have been training hard in preparation for competing, meaning I feel like I live in my horse lorry! I have had a couple of hugely beneficial Ian Stark...

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  • Bucket success in Arbuthnott

    3 Sep 2018

    Richard Wilson runs Wairds of Alpity in Arbuthnott, Aberdeenshire. Originally from Ireland, Richard moved to Scotland 45 years ago with his parents and brother who he farmed with for over 30 years before setting up on his own. The farm consists of 500 acres, most of which is grass with 50 acres of barley under sown which goes into the silage pit. Straw is purchased from farms nearby. Richard cu...

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    31 Aug 2018

    ROSA ONSLOW FROM HAWICK- SOUTH OF SCOTLAND WINNER July has been a very busy month for me eventing wise. I competed at Barbury International 3* with both horses. It was amazing to compete somewhere with such a huge atmosphere. Diamond Sundance did a brilliant sj round and started great xc, however annoyingly he was very strong and so I made the decision to retire him and save him for another...

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  • Precision feeding for pig success

    28 Aug 2018

    Husband and wife team, Stephen and Karen Thompson run Povey Farm in Norton, Derbyshire, on the outskirts of Sheffield. They run a 190 sow breeding herd and are fourth generation farmers on the site which has been in the family since the close of the nineteenth century. They run a split operation at Povey, with Stephen in charge of the arable operation and on-farm butchery and Karen managing the...

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  • DAIRY- Maxammon Wholecrop Ireland

    12 Jul 2018

    Reducing bought in protein by maximising cereals Micky Callan, dairy farmer, County Louth   Micky Callan runs a grass based, spring calving dairy herd in County Louth. Wheat, barley & oats are treated whole with Maxammon at harvest time and are fed in-parlour and in TMR rations to cows, heifers & calves. Micky comments, “Since introducing Maxammon high dry matter wholecrop four y...

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