Nutritional Articles

  • GrassWatch advice - 31 May 2021

    31 May 2021

    Grass growth rates across the UK are increasing as they have been through May, although Scotland has seen a slight drop this last week based on the data supplied from Trouw GBs GrassWatch report. Notable points from this weeks GrassWatch analysis are as follows: Grass growth in Scotland is 67kg/DM/ha/day in the last week Potential grass DMI in Scotland is 12.2kg/day and Milk from Grazing...

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  • Maximise DLWG and finish more quickly

    24 May 2021

    Alistair Kingan, AgriScot Scotch Beef Farm of the year 2019 has been treating his home grown oats and barley with Maxammon for the last three years which he feeds as grain and wholecrop. The team’s clear goal is to ‘produce top quality Scotch beef in a sustainable and ethical manner,’ and this includes maximising home grown cereals in the diet. The youngstock are fed silage, Maxammon treate...

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  • Creep feeding: unlock the potential

    21 May 2021

    by Jill Hunter, Beef & Sheep Nutritionist To maintain our place in a demanding supply chain, we are increasingly being tasked to improve efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. This can be a challenge, however small improvements here and there begin to add up, if we break it into smaller sections of the annual production cycle. Environmental and economic sustainability go hand in ha...

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  • Maximising performance and reducing cost

    18 May 2021

      Working with Kevin Lawrie at Myremill Farm, an opportunity was identified to help the cows improve performance whilst reducing production costs utilising an increased amount of Maxammon treated barley fed in the TMR. A new diet was created with our dynamic rationing programme NutriONics to maximise their home grown cereals and meet the requirements of their milk contract whilst maintainin...

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  • Calving to bulling - a crucial time

    5 May 2021

    “The saying ‘Every day is a school day’ reminds us that no matter our perceived knowledge, we can all learn something new. Likewise, every day is key for the success of the suckler herd but there are 81 days in the cow’s year which I think really do matter.” says Harbro’s Alistair Stewart. In order to have a calf every year, the cow must conceive within 81 days of giving birth and you can give...

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