Maximise DLWG and finish more quickly

24 May 2021

Alistair Kingan, AgriScot Scotch Beef Farm of the year 2019 has been treating his home grown oats and barley with Maxammon for the last three years which he feeds as grain and wholecrop.

The team’s clear goal is to ‘produce top quality Scotch beef in a sustainable and ethical manner,’ and this includes maximising home grown cereals in the diet.

The youngstock are fed silage, Maxammon treated oats, wholecrop and minerals and the growing and finishing stocks’ diets consist of Maxammon barley, wholecrop, silage and minerals, with variations for the continental and native bred animals.

Alistair mentioned that since introducing Maxammon he had seen improvements in liveweight of 40kg with an additional benefit of removing the exposure to the external protein market.”

Rations are created with eating quality in mind with a focus on feeding for marbling and producing eye muscle which suits the requirements of the end user.

A key feature of the ration that enables the Kingans to achieve this quality is Harbro's unique mineral that includes Rumitech.


Find out how you can maximise performance and reduce cost with Maxammon and Rumitech:

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