Maximise performance from home grown cereals using Maxammon

5 Jul 2021

Maxammon is a grain treatment process that increases the protein, pH and digestibility of the grain, leading to improved rumen performance, improved feed conversion and increased DLWG.



Tried and tested

With more than a decade of farm success, Maxammon has been developed and tested by over 14 universities and research institutes across the globe.

On farm results

Doug Dear contract finishes 1,500 cattle p/a in Yorkshire and has achieved the following results feeding a ration that includes Maxammon:

  • ADWG: 1.81kg (with the best bulls achieving 2.2kg)
  • FCR: 5.59:1

Reducing the cost of production

Customers from a variety of systems report the following additional benefits:

  • Cattle finish faster
  • Cattle finish heavier
  • Reduction in bought in protein

Maxammon feeding systems include:

  • Treating suitable grain at harvest or dried grain throughout the year. Wholecrop, straw and pulses can also be treated. Harbro offers a Maxammon processing service.
  • Supply of Maxammon grain
  • Supply of Maxammon blended feed and compound.


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