Utilise home grown cereals to make cost effective high performance rations

30 Sep 2020


With cereals looking to be plentiful this winter, Beef & Sheep Specialist Peter Oag explains how producers can cost effectively use concentrates to feed stock this winter.

Concentrates are quickly and easily mixed with homegrown or locally sourced cereal at the required level to give the desired level of protein for each class of stock, alongside the relevant vitamins, minerals and additives.

Champion Rumitech 35

Over the years I have recommended our star concentrate Champion Rumitech 35. This is an all singing, all dancing concentrate and is easily mixed, even if you don’t have a feed wagon.

Growing cattle can be started on a diet of 25% Champion Rumitech 35 and 75% cereal and as they grow, this can be scaled down to 10% Champion Rumitech 35. When I work out the cost per tonne of total mixed feed, customers are often surprised how cheap it works out compared with mixing a number of different materials.

Ensure correct protein levels

Having the correct level of protein in diets is crucial, whether you are selling stores or finishing cattle. When feeding heifers and native breed cattle, I usually recommend protein levels to be 2% higher in protein than continental diets, to ensure they grow and finish nicely as they tend to lay down fat more easily than males and continental stock.

Other benefits of feeding Champion Rumitech 35:

  • Includes Rumitech to increase feed efficiency and reduce cost/kg liveweight gain
  • Includes Alkacid to stabilise rumen pH and increase cud chewing
  • Includes Yea-Sacc to increase feed efficiency and diet utilisation



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