• Calf success at Carskerdo

    25 Feb 2021

    For the Wilsons at Carskerdo Farm in Fife, the dilemmas facing them a few years ago were no different from any other dairy business. The family had long been involved in dairying having moved from East Kilbride to Carskerdo in November 1995, with the cows following in May 1996. A long and hard evaluation of the business was made, asking “Do we expand or get out?” The decision to keep going and...

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  • Harbro calf feeds

    16 Feb 2021

    Are your heifers ready for first calving at 24 months? Calves recorded on the Harbro system showed DLWG to weaning above industry standard. Achieving consistent early daily liveweight is essential to hit the bulling weight required for first calving at 24 months. Buttercup calf feeds and milk  Our Buttercup range of calf feeds and milk has been developed to promote rumen function, enabl...

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