• Grass Watch advice 27 July 2021

    27 Jul 2021

    Maimie Sloan, our Harbro Technical Nutritionist gives us some up to date grass advice: Grass growth rates across GB have been in decline due to dry soil conditions and the same can be said when we focus on Scotland only. Notable points from this week’s GrassWatch analysis from Trouw GB are as follows: Grass growth in Scotland is 45kg/DM/ha/day in the last week (down 14kg/DM/ha/day from 5...

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  • Lower methane emissions with Rumitech

    15 Jul 2021

    UK based Harbro has been leading the way in methane reduction for over ten years with Rumitech. Rumitech is a unique Carbon Trust validated feed additive comprised of natural essential oils which lowers methane emissions and improves milk yield and feed efficiency.

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