DAIRY - Maximise cereals with Maxammon wholecrop

16 Jul 2019

Micky Callan runs a grass based, spring calving dairy herd of 450 cows in County Louth. Wheat and barley are whole cropped and treated with Maxammon and are fed as part of the TMR to all livestock, including cows, heifers and calves. Maxammon has become a vital component of the Callan’s buffer feeding strategy.

Micky comments, “Since introducing Maxammon high dry matter wholecrop four years ago we have greatly improved our herd health and fertility and have significantly improved total milk solids. This year we are targeted to achieve 600kg/cow.”




How does it work?

The wholecrop is harvested and treated with Maxammon to create a nutritionally enhanced feed. Maxammon wholecrop has the same dry matter as straw, with similar energy and protein of a good quality grass silage. In addition, its starch levels are higher than good quality maize silage.  It has all the rumen efficiency benefits of Maxammon combined with enhanced fibre digestion, with the livestock receiving 25% more energy from the fibrous/straw component. It is a great way to get more from the crop.

Maxammon wholecrop is easy to treat, learn more

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