Grass Watch advice 27 July 2021

27 Jul 2021

Maimie Sloan, our Harbro Technical Nutritionist gives us some up to date grass advice:

Grass growth rates across GB have been in decline due to dry soil conditions and the same can be said when we focus on Scotland only.

Notable points from this week’s GrassWatch analysis from Trouw GB are as follows:

  • Grass growth in Scotland is 45kg/DM/ha/day in the last week (down 14kg/DM/ha/day from 59 the week before)
  • Potential grass DMI in Scotland is 13.8kg/day and Milk from Grazing 15.5l/day as an average from samples taken
  • Buffer feeding is required if cows are out at grass to achieved target DMI and support milk production.
  • Fibre levels of grass are declining from where they were a few weeks ago. Grazing should be balanced with appropriate buffer feeding to minimise butterfat depression
  • There is a severe risk of Heat Stress

Heat stress

It will be no surprise to hear with the hot weather we have been having that there has been a severe risk of heat stress. This is set to continue with temperatures still warm and humidity still high across southern Scotland.

It is important to ensure cows have adlib access to clean, fresh drinking water and shade. Diets may also need to be adjusted to account for feed intake being compromised due to heat stress. Energy density will need to be increased while ensuring that fibre levels are optimal for rumen function.

Speak to your Harbro specialist for advice on how to optimise production from grass and what supplementary feeds you will need to maintain performance.

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