Harbro calf feeds

16 Feb 2021

Are your heifers ready for first calving at 24 months?

Calves recorded on the Harbro system showed DLWG to weaning above industry standard.

Achieving consistent early daily liveweight is essential to hit the bulling weight required for first calving at 24 months.

Buttercup calf feeds and milk 

Our Buttercup range of calf feeds and milk has been developed to promote rumen function, enabling heifers to achieve consistent and efficient daily liveweight gain.

Unique additives are included to reduce methane emissions and stress.

The Buttercup range

Buttercup Calf Starter pellets

  • Specialist first stage pellet
  • Fish oils promote calf vitality
  • Evo reduces stress and enhances feed intake


Buttercup Calf Rearer Nuts

  • High energy compound to feed from 12 weeks to dairy and beef calves
  • With high quality rumen degradable/bypass protein for growth and feed efficiency
  • High mineral package for health and immunity


Buttercup Heifer Rearer Nuts

  • Specialist low cereal compound to promote frame growth and udder development
  • Yea-Sacc promotes a strong fibre digesting microbial population
  • Evo reduces stress and enhances feed intake


Reducing carbon footprint

Our range includes Rumitech to stimulate early rumen development and maximise performance. Rumitech has been shown to reduce carbon emissions by 6%/day and is an important component in helping to reduce your carbon footprint.


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