Secure your winter feed costs with our dairy compounds & blends

1 Oct 2021

We're creating high performance diets with NutriONics, our dynamic rationing programme that are tailored according to your existing raw materials and production requirements.

Our compounds and blends are a key feature of our winter diets and are fixed price from October - April, helping you to plan ahead and removing exposure to the fluctuations of the raw materials markets.

Our compound range

We have a range of compounds to suit all situations, requirements, price points and animals at different stages: youngstock, heifers, dry, high yielding cows, etc.

All products are:

  • Soya and palm kernel free
  • Fixed price October - April


Our blends

We have a range of standard dairy blends and can create bespoke blends tailored to complement existing forages and raw materials and to meet the requirements of the herd and milk contract.

Some of our blends include Rumitech which improves feed efficiency at the same time as reducing methane emissions. Find out how Gregor Colquhoun at Dendoldrum has reduced methane emissions AND improved yield with Rumitech:

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