• EQUINE: Late winter feeding made easy

    28 Feb 2022

    Harbro nutritionist, Dr Vicki Glasgow, explains how to avoid losing condition in the late winter months.  

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  • What’s so important about protein?

    20 Jul 2021

    There seems to be a vast array of misinformation about protein out there, which can always cause problems in the general horse population if allowed to spread unchallenged.   

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  • EQUINE - Balancing feed during summer

    29 Jun 2021

    Dr Vicki Glasgow, Harbro nutritionist Getting the balance of vits and mins right is just as important in summer as it is in winter  

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  • EQUINE: Feeding during the fittening period

    23 Feb 2021

    Hopefully, the weather is now improving and along with lengthening daylight hours, we will now be turning our attention to reconditioning our horses; whether that is gradually increasing workload or fittening from scratch. This will of course depend on how much time your horse has had off.

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  • Harbro Horse Ambassador, Rosa Onslow, December 2020

    11 Dec 2020

    We have all come down to earth now after our trip to Pau CCI 5*, and the horses are having their well-earned holiday.

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