31 Aug 2018


July has been a very busy month for me eventing wise. I competed at Barbury International 3* with both horses. It was amazing to compete somewhere with such a huge atmosphere. Diamond Sundance did a brilliant sj round and started great xc, however annoyingly he was very strong and so I made the decision to retire him and save him for another day - it didn’t help that I also had sun stroke and so was feeling very ill and weak.! I know he can easily do it but it is unsafe to jump at such a high level with limited control- luckily I have a new bit which seems to work! I feel with him that when the bitting is sorted it will all start to come together and in the mean time I am going to keep him at 2* as our partnership is still new. RLE Limbo Kaiser did the most amazing double clear with a few time to finish 8th in a crazily competitive class of nearly 100. I then headed to Ireland to Camphire International for my first ever CCI3* with Kaiser and the CIC2* with Sunny. They both excelled themselves and felt on amazing form all week. Sunny flew round both tracks and finished 6th in the 2* and Kaiser jumped one of two double clears! I could not believe it as there were some amazing horses that had problems and I went there with the aim of completing! To top it all off he was in the time xc, which was 10mins 30 seconds and he finished 6th!! I am so proud of his consistency this season, especially as we are new to the level! I feel a huge part of this is due to him feeling so well thanks to Harbro’s amazing feed and haylage. I even managed to get one of my Badminton qualifications by finishing in the top 25%. It made the long journey home and ferry bearable when it had all gone so well! Kaiser is starting to feel so confident at the level in comparison to last year where we both were so inexperienced. Next I am running them both at Blair International with Kaiser in the CIC3* and Sunny in the CCI2*. I also have been selected for the GB Young rider development squad to compete in Belgium in October with both horses. I am also lying 6th out of all U21 riders in Britain with 124 points this season thanks to my amazing horses. I am especially proud as most riders at the top of the league have numerous horses running most weekends. In between competing I have been preparing for events by taking them both to the gallops - especially essential with Blair’s huge hills! I have also had a few amazing lessons with Ian Stark MBE which is so helpful to try and improve my weaknesses. Fingers crossed the season will continue to go well and that I don’t let my lovely horses down! 

Rosa x



July has been a relatively quiet month for Dee Jay and me.  Dee Jay is enjoying his time off and is happily munching away in the field getting rather tubby!! I have been riding my friend’s big horse Archie who is great fun to go out hacking on and for as much as he is 17.2(I look like a pea on a mountain) he is very sweet!! I’ve been enjoying getting out hacking again as hadn’t realised how much I rely on horses as a stress release and therapy! There is something to be said about horse therapy!! So, I’m now beginning to look for another horse while Dee jay is out of action. Although I have forgotten just how hard it is to find another.


I have also been to a couple of events with my friend and her fantastic horse rocket Ron!! First, we went to Burgham which is an event I’ve never been to before so was nice to see how it was all set up. The day started off very well with my friend doing her best dressage test to date however it all went wrong after that with a very busy show jumping warm up which ended up with a bit of a cricket score but still allowed to go cross country. Cross country ended up with my friend parting company from her horse which at the point I heard this over the tannoy I went into Mum mode and just sprinted in the direction of the jump. I hadn’t walked the course, so it wasn’t easy to find them but by the time I got to the jump they were back at the trailer so off I went sprinting to make sure they were both ok which they thankfully were. I know totally understand what parents must feel every time they send their children off round a cross country course! So, we headed back home after a very early start however it did mean we got home earlier than expected! 


Wanting to get back out there a couple weeks later I went as super groom to Dalkeith to help them out. Dalkeith is one of my favourite events and I have such found memories as it was where Dee jay gave me the best run at 100 and where I decided I would move up to novice. I really wanted to do Dalkeith novice course as it looked incredibly so I was rather gutted not to be getting to do it however seeing my friend fly round it was amazing! 


I’m now looking forward to August and getting to go to Blair!  



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