EQUINE- Young Rider's Blogs May 2018

19 Jun 2018




It’s been a very busy May for me with the horses. It started with Floors CIC2* with both Diamond Sundance and RLE Limbo Kaiser. They both did lovely dressage tests and jumped beautifully show jumping. Another clear SJ on diamond Sundance (Sunny) and just a very annoying rider error pole on Kaiser. Kaiser then flew round the cross country clear and 12 seconds inside the time making it all feel very easy. Diamond Sundance however was very keen and managed to jump me off in the water (very very frustratingly!) meaning I got very wet! He jumped in huge and locked onto the B & C elements meaning I struggled to shorten his stride (he is 17hh and I am 5’4! And 8 ½ stone!) – hopefully this is a one off as I know have a new bit which seems to work a lot better. I also loved seeing myself on the Harbro banners around the Harbro sponsored arena. It was very surreal and I felt very proud to represent such a brilliant company.


Two weeks later we headed off to Norfolk with both boys for the Young Rider National championships (CCI2*). They both looked stunning thanks to super groom Annie and their brilliant Harbro feed and haylage! They were outstanding all week and posted their best dressage tests yet (rather annoyingly I felt they were slightly harshly marked), they then both flew round a big and technical 9-minute cross country course. Both were their usual speedy selves; Kaiser being 12 seconds inside the time and sunny 15 seconds within the time! On to the final day they flew through the final trot up and jumped beautifully, feeling unaffected by the long cross country which can take a lot out of a horse. They both jumped clear and finished a respectable 10th and 15th! I was thrilled to have both horse double clear especially I was the only multiple rider to jump double clear on all rides! Here’s hoping I can keep up my consistency in this phase. They both seem to have come out of it very well, and I am now back riding them after a short break. During their holiday I have been riding ‘Foxy’ a very green 5yr old which has been great fun along with the super talented Neptune! June looks very busy too with an intermediate, advanced and my first 3* of the season entered for both horses! Eeeeeeek!!!! Lots of beneficial training planned too with Ian and Heidi Woodhead along with my brilliant HorseScotland Performance squad training days.


All very exciting, if a bit nerve wracking. Especially as it is my first 3* on Diamond Sundance. I feel very lucky to have two horses at 3* level when I am just 19years old. I am doing the 3* at Barbury International, which is a huge event with a phenomenal atmosphere competing against all the very best professionals - so fingers crossed! For little updates along the way do follow my Instagram @r.onslow which keeps people up to date with what I’m doing, as well as showing my horses brilliant condition thanks to Harbro’s products!


Rosa x 



This month I tried my hand at a different kind of horse power …. Going car racing at knock hill.  Too say I absolutely loved it is the understatement of the year!!  I got tuition in a Honda civic type R getting to learn my lines where to break and where to accelerate however, I’m not sure I made the greatest of impressions to begin with as I kind of forgot to put my seatbelt on to start with so had to stop mid lap to put it on …. Opps!!  Then I got let loose in a single seater where after each lap I grew more confident so was accelerating harder and breaking later which was the most incredible thrill about as good as you get when you go around a cross country course.  I came off the track absolutely buzzing and deciding that I was going to be a race car driver from now on which I’m sure my dad would appreciate more as it would be an excuse to buy another car….  I got to do this all thanks to a friend for organising it as a surprise for me!! I do have pretty cool friends!!

With Dee Jay still being off work, I have become a glorified mucker outer and leg hosier it appears! Dee Jay is hopefully on the mend and hopefully won’t be long till we can start our 5 minutes of walking. That might be interesting as so far, he has had 11 weeks off, so life may be rather exciting when the saddle appears again.  Since being off though Dee Jay has become a bit of an expert at his ‘horsey yoga’ and now likes to show off by doing a rather exuberant bow (always liking to be the centre of attention!!!!).

While Dee Jay has been off I have been trying to entertain myself as its amazing how much free time you suddenly have when everything stops!  So, I have been away to a tree top experience which was amazing and highly entertaining for my friend when I got to the Tarzan swing as I managed to get stuck floating in mid-air dangling from my harness.  With no one around to ask for help I tried to swim in the air to get back to the platform which as you can guess wasn’t all that effective!  I also went paddle boarding and sailing which was a completely new experience and I think I can say I’m useless at both.  Apparently, I can only sail in one direction and I can stand on the paddle board, but I can’t seem to paddle very well… safe to say it ended up with myself swimming back to sore pushing the paddle board.  I have also taken up cycling and I went for a 24-mile cycle one day but the hills around me are a little bit of a killer 100% way more fun to explore the countryside on the back of a horse.

Since I’m not eventing myself I have became a super groom for my friend for the season however I’m not sure I appreciate the early alarms…  However, it makes it all worth it when they do incredibly well!!  Scotsburn was the next event on the calendar and with a 3am alarm I was not loving groom life!  Rocket was rather clean at that time in the morning luckily, so we put him in the trailer straight from the field and decided to wash the couple of grass stains he had once we were there.  I got the job of plaiting up which I do weirdly enjoy but my plaits need a bit of work!! I’m just not very good at rolling them tightly so my aim for the season is to perfect my plaiting skills!  My friend did a beautiful dressage test and got her best novice dressage result yet!!  Unfortunately, they were very unlucky in the show jumping as they were both on top form with a few poles just being ever so slightly tapped.  The show jumping warm up is still my least favourite element I know how stressful it is as a rider and its even more stressful being that person in the middle trying to be helpful but also trying not get knocked out with poles flying and horses charging about all over the place.  The cross country was causing quite a few problems right before my friend was meant to go which was making me rather nervous I wanted her to do well but mostly I wanted her to get around safely as I had no clue how I was getting us all back home if something went wrong!!  But they were truly amazing and went around clear round a challenging course making it look very easy!!  Even picked up a wee rosette too!!

I’m still seriously missing eventing, doing all the training and generally just getting to ride so much but I’m so happy to be able to help and support my good friends and get to watch them do so well.  Plus, I now have time to try new things and discover that I’m probably better off sticking to horses!!


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