Harbro Horse Ambassador, Rosa Onslow February 2020

10 Feb 2020

“Future success will be down to the basics – the feeding”

January has flown by, and the pace of preparation for the coming season has stepped up.

The month started with our annual visit to Andrew McDiarmid at Clyde Vets near Glasgow. This entails a long trip (6 hour round trip) but we feel it is well worth it. Andrew carries out a full MOT on both Sunny and Kaiser to ensure they don’t have any niggles before we really start to up the work. I am pleased to report that they both flew through with no issues. Let’s hope they stay like that!

So this month has been all about fitness, fitness and more fitness – but it is also so important to vary the work. So both Sunny and Kaiser have also started to do more intense dressage and show jumping. They have both started really well and are enjoying themselves. I have been having dressage lessons with Tracy and Amy Woodhead in Grimsby which has been really beneficial for both for me and for the horses. Cobwebs are being brushed off and they are feeling and looking fantastic. Could this have something to do with Harbro Conditioning Cubes?!

I also took Crispy to a BS competition at Alnwick Ford. To remind you, Crispy is a 6 year old, and I am really excited about him. He has huge scope and loves his jumping. We jumped up to 110cm, he was clear and loves his job. Roll on his first BE100! 

I am just in the process of entering Sunny and Kaiser in their first competition of the season at Lincolnshire Horse Trials, which is mid-March. I am headed for the Advanced Intermediate, which has shown jumping up to 130cm, and an Advanced Dressage test. The cross country is at Intermediate level.

As always, thank you to Harbro for your support - future success will be down to the basics - the feeding.



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