Harbro Horse Ambassador: Rosa Onslow July 2020

19 Aug 2020

"The horses hadn’t competed since March, so they were nearly as excited as me!"

For once this year, things seem to be going to plan. I had an amazing lesson with Ian Stark show jumping on grass on Sunny and Kaiser, jumping up to 130cm which is 5* height. As usual, Ian didn’t pull his punches, but I always come away from his lessons knowing I have learnt something new and as importantly, knowing that the horses have learnt something new. His main theme this time was not to help them too much and to allow them to work it out for themselves and to give them confidence that they can get themselves out of trouble if I miss. He made me gallop at the fences so they had to do it by themselves….and it worked. Amazing.

This was the precursor to the Open Intermediate at Aston le Walls. It was a long hike down in the lorry (isn’t it for every competition?) and we stayed overnight in their stables, making sure the social distancing rules were adhered to. The horses hadn’t competed since March at Lincoln, so they were nearly as excited as me! Both did a respectable dressage. Sunny was double clear, while Kaiser rolled a pole at the last show jump and was clear cross country. So frustrating, but I know him well enough to know that he has a habit of getting complacent when the jumps are ‘small’!

They both came out of it well and hoovered up their Harbro feed when we got back. They absolutely love it and thrive on it. Thank you Harbro.

All being well, the season really picks up in August with an Advanced, again at Aston le Walls, and a CCI4*-S at Burgham. If that all goes smoothly, it will be a CCI4*-L for both horses at Burnham Market in September, and then (if I can dream), the CCI5*-L at Pau in October for both. A lot could change but it is looking exciting!


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