Harbro Horse Ambassador: Rosa Onslow June 2020

29 Jun 2020

"My secret weapon is Harbro Conditioning cubes. Horses will not perform without good feeding and I feel that is one area where I have no worries." 

Hurrah….it looks as if we will finally be able to go out to compete, albeit with limited numbers and under strict rules. The problem may be that each event is currently limited to smaller numbers so there will be a lot of disappointed riders. Hopefully the rules will start to relax and then the numbers will be able to expand.

So we have started to increase the work and are back into our pre-event routine. All 3 horses were loaded into the horsebox and taken down to Yorkshire for dressage lessons with Ian Woodhead and cross country lessons with Heidi Woodhead. It is an 8 hour round trip and we stay overnight, but it is so worth it, and the horses and I learn something every time. Ian and Heidi have been teaching me since I was 11 years old (10 years) and so they know me well and don’t let me get away with anything! I owe them both so much. Ian is also the Irish Olympic coach.

The next trip was down to Somerford (another 8 hour round trip with an overnight stay). But again, so worth it. This time my instructor was Andy Heffernan, who again, I have been taught by for the past 10 years. Andy is the Dutch Olympic coach. 2 Olympic coaches in 2 weeks how lucky am I? I am very fortunate because I am able to pay for these lessons out of the bursary I receive from HorseScotland as a member of the Performance Squad. As we unloaded the horses at Somerford, the first thing Andy said was “your horses look amazing…what do you feed them on?” I told him my secret weapon, which is Harbro Conditioning cubes. I agree with him. They do look fantastic and I am so lucky to be sponsored by Harbro. We all know that horses will not perform without good feeding and I feel that is one area where I have no worries. 

So what are my plans for the rest of the season? Crispy, the 6 year old is aiming for the BE100 at Aske in 10 days’ time, with Kaiser and Sunny aiming for an Open Intermediate at Aston le Walls the following weekend. I would hope that Crispy will be competing at novice level by the end of the season. I am really excited about him. He has lovely paces and enjoys his jumping. The main thing is to take him gently so that his confidence remains high and he continues to love his eventing. As far as Sunny and Kaiser are concerned, Pau CCI 5*L is my goal this year. Kaiser is already qualified, and Sunny needs one more CCI 4*L which is likely to be at Ballindenisk in Ireland unless British Eventing authorise an extra CCI 4*L in the UK.

Thank you Harbro for your sponsorship. I would not be able to realise any of these dreams were it not for your support.

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