Maximise your cereals with our grain processing services

16 Jul 2021

Available across the UK, our on farm mobile mill, mix and processing service gives you the opportunity to get the most out of your home grown cereals this harvest.

Feeding home grown or locally sources cereals within the ration has the following benefits:

  • Reduces bought in feed costs
  • Improves on farm environmental credentials by improving performance 
  • Reduces reliance on less sustainable protein sources such as soya.
  • It also enables for traceable, tailored high performance rations to be created. 

Our fleet of specialist vehicles operating across the UK offer a high output, efficient service including processing, rolling, bruising and mill and mixing.

Grain, peas and beans can be used.


Services include:

  • Maxammon and prograin treatment
  • Straw processing
  • Ammonia straw treatment
  • Minerals and feed additives are available



Maxammon is our grain treatment that improves the protein, pH and digestibility of the grain, improving rumen performance which in turn improves feed conversion and DLWG/milk yield.

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