Reducing carbon emissions in the supply chain

14 Mar 2019



After an independent review of evidence, the Carbon Trust has provided an assurance that:

“Rumitech can significantly reduce enteric methane emissions and improve feed efficiency in dairy and beef cattle, without affecting productivity.”

“Harbro trials have shown that the correct use of the product, within a predominantly forage-based diet, reduces dairy or beef enteric methane emissions by 17.7% per litre of milk (+/- 5%)*, and dairy or beef enteric methane emissions by 6% per day (+/- 2%)*.”


Farm focus

We’re working with the Carlisle family of Border Meats to help them increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Border Meats not only sell beef through their own new retail outlet in Lockerbie known as The Butchery, but the business also supplies around 80 other butchers throughout south Scotland and north England and has a strong wholesale market.

All their beef comes from locally reared animals that are fed with our feed additive Rumitech which reduces methane emissions. This combined with the low mileage already involved in its production, contributes further to reducing the overall carbon output of the beef sold.




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