• Dedication, determination and attention to detail the only way to turn out tups

    26 Aug 2019

    by Jill Hunter Many factors have to be considered when turning out tups, including: genetics, conformation, body condition, feet, feeding, fertility and health. It all needs to come together at the same time and be completely spot-on come sale day. This doesn’t happen by chance. It takes great determination, meticulous attention to detail and utter dedication to bring everything together. Yea...

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  • Combining the best nutrition and management with epigenetics to shape the future of sheep

    12 Jul 2019

    How can we combine nutrition and management to get the best out of the genetics we have? The best place to start is by looking at the nutrition of the ewes and the tups before tupping. The concept of epigenetics is a simple one. All lambs are born with the same genetic potential. Genes are either switched on or off. The genes we’re interested in are the genes which get us the results we want....

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  • Bucket success in Arbuthnott

    3 Sep 2018

    Richard Wilson runs Wairds of Alpity in Arbuthnott, Aberdeenshire. Originally from Ireland, Richard moved to Scotland 45 years ago with his parents and brother who he farmed with for over 30 years before setting up on his own. The farm consists of 500 acres, most of which is grass with 50 acres of barley under sown which goes into the silage pit. Straw is purchased from farms nearby. Richard cu...

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  • Three step nutrition approach delivers sheep success on the Isle of Mull

    18 Jun 2018

    Antium Farm is home to Fiona Boa, who with her semi-retired parents Hugh and Lorna run 2,000 acres at Dervaig in the Isle of Mull, off the West coast of Scotland. The family have been on the site for the past 40 years, where they currently keep 40 suckler cows, 30 pigs and around 600 ewes. Due to the nature of the land the majority of the sheep are kept out on the hill, amongst the bracken an...

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  • SHEEP - Energyzing the flock with buckets and grass

    6 Feb 2018

    Andrew Cullens, along with his brother Ian and father James, manage Dollarbank Farm outside Dollar, central Scotland. Andrew is a fourth generation farmer on the tenanted 3,000 acre estate which has been in the family since 1912. Their hill location is home to 2,100 breeding ewes which are mainly Blackface with some Scotch mule. Due to the landscape, the farm is predominantly laid to grass. Do...

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