Improve suckler performance

20 Jan 2021


Super Suckler SEC is a high specification mineral designed to raise blood mineral and trace element levels to support good calving and strong bulling:

  • Promotes easy calving
  • Improves milk
  • Boosts calf vitality and immunity
  • Prepares cow for next service


Super Suckler is available as powdered mineral or bucket, or as rolls, benefits include:

Sel-Plex Helps boost cow health, calf vitality and calf immunity
Vitamin E Promotes calf development and easy calving
Cu-Tek Beneficial where molybdenum is high and copper is low
Zn-Tek Promotes development of the calf and boosts colostrum quality and quantity
Active-S Enhances straw utilisation and rumen protein synthesis
Available with Mycosorb For reduction of mycotoxin risk when feeding high levels of forage

Gary Bell, Hass Side Farm, Lockerbie

Gary introduced Super Suckler SEC to his herd of 200 Limousin and British Blue cross cows in 2019 on the run up to bulling with buckets also made available ahead of calving to ease calving and boost colostrum. He commented: 

"It is unbelievable how tight calving has been this year; it has done something amazing to my cows, these licks do work."

32 heifers were calved in January and the cows followed in March. Of the 150 cows, 130 had calved in the month of March alone, with the last cow calving on 9 May.

Leslie Craik, Waterside, Castle Douglas

Leslie Craik has a 75 head suckler herd comprising of mainly pure Limousins. All replacements and bulls are kept on the farm.

Although the cows had been on Harbro minerals for some time, last year the herd moved onto the 2 stage suckler programme, starting with Working Suckler over the winter months. Eight weeks prior to calving the cows then went on to Super Suckler powder minerals, with free access given to Super Suckler SEC licks when they are turned out to the grass.

“I’ve been using these minerals at Waterside for around 10 years and we’ve always had good PD results. This year our bulling was 100% , with tight calvings, cows calving fine and cleansing properly and no problems with milk.”

Harbro’s Jordan Aitken is in regular contact and I’m more than happy with the products and his support.”

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