Not just a feed manufacturer….

As part of our quality commitment our customers have access to a number of additional services which support our product ranges and nutritional solutions.

  • On-Farm Nutritional Advice

    We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach, our team of species specialists carefully consider each farmer’s unique challenges and financial goals before advising on the best solution. Working in partnership with our customers, they have access to unparalleled technical support including Rumen Friendly Rationing, mono-gastric rationing, costing services, forage analysis, milk analysis, finished feed analysis plus up-to-date information on various feeding systems. 

  • On-Farm Mobile Milling and Mixing

    For farmers utilising home grown cereals we offer a complete on-farm mobile milling and mixing service including Maxammon processing, ammonia straw treatment and straw processing. Throughout the UK, we offer a service that is convenient, flexible and efficient.

    Using home grown ingredients also means that the feeds are fully traceable and can be developed to specific requirements. Customers can also choose to enhance rations with our range of unique feed additives, supplements and concentrates.

  • Supplying the Rural Community

    Our network of Country Stores serves both the farming and wider rural community offering ranges for farmers, smallholders, equestrian enthusiasts and pet owners. A particular specialism is animal health products, all our stores have a SQP (Suitably Qualified Person) to advise on the most suitable products.

  • Our People

    Over the years we have invested in our people and built a 400+ strong team, of the brightest, most trusted experts working in the industry today. Whether it’s a driver delivering feed, a member of our retail staff or one of our species specialist advising on farm, our team work to the same core values which ensures that our customers receive the highest level of service.