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  • Harbro and Alltech collaborate to assess mycotoxin risk on Scottish farms

    20 Feb 2020

    Throughout the winter, Harbro in conjunction with Alltech, have carried out a mycotoxin survey across Scotland. A number of raw material samples have been collected by Harbro’s on-farm Beef & Sheep team and were then analysed using Alltech’s RAPIREAD test.

    None of the samples were over the alert level for Deoxynivalenol or Zearalenone. However, 53% of samples were over the alert level for T-2 mycotoxin.

    Mycotoxins can have a damaging effect on suckler cow and ewe fertility and the viability of their offspring. They also impact performance and efficiency of growing and finishing animals. T-2 in particular, affects gut health which in turn can impact dry matter intakes, rumen function, liveweight gain and immunity.

    Feeds at higher risk would include grain, forages which are heating in the pit or damp straw which lay for a number of days before being baled.

    It’s essential to assess the mycotoxin risk on your farm and feed a mycotoxin binder where required. The broad spectrum mycotoxin binder, MycosorbA+ can be added to any product in the Harbro Grampian mineral range and this is the most cost effective way of reducing the mycotoxin burden in cattle and sheep.

    Bob Kendal, Alltech Regional Sales Manager commented ‘Carrying out this survey has armed the Harbro on-farm team with accurate information to allow them to advise farmers on the best steps forward. I’d encourage farmers to speak to Harbro about assessing and minimising the risk of mycotoxins on their farms to ensure minimum impact on performance.’

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  • Miserden Texels – producing quality Texel shearling rams and ram lambs

    26 Nov 2019

    Well respected and successful Texel breeders, Sue and Aubrey Andrews from Miserden Texels in Stroud, Gloucester were the lucky winners of a tote of Max Clover Kelso Tup & Lamb from one of our show competitions back in the summer.

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  • Warm weather warning

    28 Feb 2019

    With the UK having broken records for the warmest winters day for over 20 years this week, the BBC Weather Centre has reported that it is likely to be one of the warmest Februaries since records began back in 1878. Though there is still plenty of time for the weather to change, the early signs of spring, from migrating birds arriving early, to the trees coming into bud and the grass starting to grow, do not always mean good news to our livestock out in the fields.

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