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Delivering maximum performance, efficiency and profitability, we provide high quality dairy feeds, across Scotland and the wider UK. Formulated using the latest science and research available, we offer innovative nutritional solutions that ensure the success of every herd. Backed by a team of experienced and practical trusted advisors, using the latest rationing and monitoring programmes, our product range includes dairy compounds, dairy blends, dairy minerals, calf feeds and dry cow feeds. 

Dairy Compound Feed: DairyPlus range

DairyPlus HS18 (High Starch)

High starch compound with maize. Designed for the highest yielding herds

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DairyPlus Robot 18

Designed for robot herds, a high energy, highly palatable compound with Evo

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DairyPlus Energy 18

Designed for high yielding herds or where the Partial Mixed Ration (PMR) is lacking energy sources

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DairyPlus Classic 18

Maximises raw materials to give a cost-effective compound, useful if high feed rates are required

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DairyPlus HDF 18

Designed to be fed alongside high lactic acid silages or high starch Partial Mixed Rations (PMRs)

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DairyPlus High Protein 20

Designed to be fed alongside lower protein forages or Partial Mixed Rations (PMRs)

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Dairy Blends & Meals

Bespoke Blends & Meals

Bespoke dairy blends and meals to suit the ration and meet the exact requirements of the herd

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Peak 18 Blend

Soya free barley-based 18% blend providing quality sources of protein

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Grower 18 Blend

A mineralised 18% blend to be fed to youngstock and growing cattle, providing good levels of energy

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Performance 20 Meal

High levels of maize in this 20% blend provides good quality bypass starch. Soya free 

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Prime 22 Meal

Barley, maize & protected rapeseed ensures this 22% blend provides bypass protein.  Soya free

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Pro-Elite 32 Blend

Soya free 32% blend comprised of top quality protein sources

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Ultimate 35 Blend

35% blend comprised of top quality protein sources, to complement home-grown or bought in cereals

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Calf Feed & Heifer Rearing Feed: Buttercup range

Buttercup Bloom Milk Powder

Designed for high performance to enhance calf health, bloom, vitality, shine and rapid frame growth

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Buttercup Calf Starter pellets

18% protein pellet to promote calf health and immunity, without compromising on frame growth

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Buttercup Calf Crunch

18% protein coarse mix to promote calf health and immunity, without compromising on frame growth

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Buttercup Rearer 18 Nuts

18% protein nut to drive health and fertility, frame growth, udder development

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Dry Cow Feed & Minerals

Dry Cow Booster Meal or Blend

22% protein meal that includes quality protein sources to optimise colostrum quality

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Freshen Up Rolls

22% protein rolls to promote calf vitality, rumen function, cow health and colostrum quality

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Dry Cow Power Pack

Helps enhance rumen health and improve nutrient availability with RumiTech

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Pre Calver 1000

Mineral with low calcium, high magnesium and Vitamin D3 to optimize calcium metabolization

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Elite Dry Cow

A traditional dry cow mineral formulated to meet the requirements of the modern dairy cow

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Energyze Easy Calver

Bucket designed to promote the health and performance of the cow and improve calf vitality

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Dairy Cow & Heifer Minerals: Grampian range

Bespoke Dairy Minerals

We offer bespoke minerals, tailored to suit your cow's needs

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Grampian Super Dairy

High specification mineral to support the performance of the modern dairy cow

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Grampian Maxammon Dairy

A high spec mineral formulated to optimise rumen function when fed alongside Maxammon cereals

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Grampian Elite Dairy

Designed to meet mineral and trace element needs throughout the lactation period

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Grampian Heifer Rearer

A high spec mineral designed to meet the needs of growing heifers destined for the milking herd

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Additional Dairy Products


Our unique rumen buffer that helps keep the rumen healthy to maximise performance and health

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Complementary feed containing a specific blend of essential oils, designed to help improve livestock efficiency and profitability.

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Stabilises rumen pH and improves rumen function, total ration and fibre digestibility

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A next generation mycotoxin binder. Also supports the immune function and gut health of the animal

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