DairyPlus HS18 (High Starch)

DairyPlus HS18 (High Starch)

Designed for the highest yielding herds. 

Key features & benefits

High starch compound with maize providing bypass starch 

A high amount of energy is available for milk production with High DyNE (Dynamic Net Energy)

Milk protein production promoted by high glucogenic energy and rapidly fermentable carbohydrates 

Provides a good level of metabolisable protein that the cow can utilise for milk with high NDIP (NutriONics Digestible Intestinal Protein) levels. Promotes the longevity of the milk curve

A good amino acid balance and good digestibility is driven by protected protein sources, driving milk production 

Full vitamin and mineral package included

Please speak to your Harbro specialist to discuss recommended feed rates to suit your herd

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