Sheep Feed

High quality sheep feeds for commercial and pedigree sheep including ewe compounds, blends and coarse mixes, lamb creeps and lamb compounds, feeds for tupping and mineral and feed buckets.

Sheep Feed & Mineral Buckets: Three step nutrition solution

Feet & Fertility

Formulated to improve foot health and fertility as a complement to existing husbandry practices

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Energyze Forage Booster

Molassed feed bucket providing instant energy and essential nutrients to support the rumen function

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Energyze Vitality

Provides instant energy and helps meet the nutritional demands of the ewe during pregnancy

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Ewe Feed

Tore Ewe 18

Highly palatable complete feed, high in energy and bypass protein to enhance ewe performance

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Premium Ewe 18

A consistent, high quality feed to support the ewe throughout pregnancy and early lactation

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Grampian Booster

A good quality complementary feed for sheep. Designed to maintain body condition

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Lamb Feed

Rapid Lamb Creep

A highly palatable quality creep feed. Suitable as a creep for baby lambs and for growing lambs rapidly

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Lamb Feeder

A highly palatable feed for growing and finishing lambs, with an expected 4:1 feed conversion ratio

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Elite Lamb

A palatable feed for growing and finishing quality lambs. Can be fed all year round

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Pedigree Sheep Feed: Clover range

Baby Lamb Coarse Number 1

A sweet, fully molassed coarse mix designed to encourage early rumen development of baby lambs

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Lamb Coarse Number 2

A sweet, fully molassed coarse mix to encourage rumen development and frame development

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Rowett Tup Coarse Number 3

An attractive and palatable blend, designed to prepare animals for shows and sales

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Kelso Baby Lamb Pellets

A complete feed to encourage rumen and frame development, health and immunity of growing lambs

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Maxammon Kelso Tup & Lamb Nuts

The market leading product for turning out top quality shearlings for shows and sales

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Olympic Sheep Mash

A high quality mix of flaked cereals and digestible fibre, designed to stimulate intakes

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Sheep Powdered Minerals

Grampian Lamb Feeder

Designed to provide balanced supplementation for lambs being fed a home mixed diet

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Grampian Sheep

General purpose mineral for sheep with a full complement of vitamins and minerals included

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Grampian Super Ewe SE

A free access supplement specially formulated by the Rowett Research Institute

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Additional Sheep Products


Our unique hygiene powder for bedding. Safe to use around animals of all ages

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The UK's number 1 milk replacer. Available at our Country Stores

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