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Harbro International

Our International division exports to over 25 countries worldwide.

Working with local distributors we supply innovative products which are exclusive to Harbro including Maxammon, RumiTech, Energyze and a selection of other solution-based concepts.

Our dedicated team of international specialists will work closely with you to not only advise on the right solution for your customer needs but also guide you through the importing process, right through to bringing the products to the market in your country, offering competitive margins and enhanced customer loyalty.

All Harbro products incorporate the highest quality raw materials, ingredients and feed additives and are backed with access to an internationally renowned team of nutritionists covering ruminants, poultry, pig and equine.

CONTACT US: international@harbro.co.uk


What areas can we assist with?


Animal Performance

  • Feed efficiency
  • Forage Utilisation
  • Fertility
  • End product quality (meat, milk & eggs)


  • Carbon footprint
  • Utilisation of home-grown feed materials
  • Less soya usage

Animal Welfare

  • Stress management
  • Brain function – more settled/content animals
  • Feed intake
  • Tail biting
  • Pecking / smothering
  • Natural defence – e.g. red mite

Examples of benefits we deliver


Farm economics

  • FCR up by 9% in beef
  • FCE increase of 5.5% in dairy
  • 5% feed cost reduction per kg of gain in beef
  • Improved fertility

Carbon footprint

  • Reduced methane production = 17.7% in dairy (per litre of milk)
  • Carbon Trust Accredited

Producer end-product quality

  • Eye muscle increase = 3%

Home grown feed utilisation

  • Reduced compound feed usage
  • Reduced soya usage –  3 to 5t per month per 100 head

Animal welfare

  • Improve dairy cow lying time
  • Less stress eg tail-biting, feather pecking etc
  • Improved environment with less bacterial load

How do we work with you?


There are a number of steps we will take that include;

  • Initial contact with an outline brief of what you want to achieve
  • Scoping discussion to identify all needs, opportunities and challenges to overcome
  • Market analysis to agree anticipated growth plans
  • Non-disclosure agreements where needed
  • Product registration plans where required
  • Distribution agreement preparation
  • Sales & marketing strategies
  • Product training & support plans

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