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Delivering maximum performance, efficiency, and profitability for our customers. we provide high quality pig diets throughout the UK, formulated using the latest science and research available.


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Delivering maximum performance, efficiency, and profitability for our customers. Harbro provide high quality pig diets throughout the UK, formulated using the latest science and research available.  

Our approach starts with walking the pigs and understanding the unit, to be able to offer a tailored nutritional programme, which ensures the success of every unit. 

Our team of pig nutritionists, technical specialists, registered feed advisors, vets, raw material and industry experts work with producers on: 

  • Ration development
  • On-farm costing
  • Benchmarking and monitoring to improve unit efficiency and profit
  • Raw material analysis and mineral checks
  • Advice on reducing antibiotic usage and becoming zinc free
  • Working with the supply chain and evolving production to meet consumer demands

On site mobile mill and mixing 

Reduce bought in feed costs, control diet formulation, unique grist profile and improve performance of pigs with our market leading, state of the art on site mill and mix service. Producing feed for pigs from weaning to finishing, rations can be combined with our customer specific minerals to maximise performance and health further.  

Utilising and processing home grown or locally sourced sustainable raw materials reducing carbon footprint. 

Development of low protein, non-Soya dependent high performance diets. 

JSR are a long term customer of our mill and mix service, and consistently achieve outstanding results, find out more here

Feeding to reduce the cost of production 

Mixing on farm with our Tropper typically saves producers £30-£40/tonne* on feed costs compared with compound of the equivalent spec.  

On an average 500 sow unit this equates to a cost saving of 


*Based on minimum order of 30 tonnes/week. 

**May vary with FCR, raw materials costs & production efficiencies 


Watch our Tropper in action at Povey Farm with Karen Thompson 


Pig Minerals

Designed to provide additional nutritional support, our tailor made mineral packages for pigs at all stages, help to optimise production.  

They can be included in our bespoke rations mixed on farm and some are available in our compounds or as minerals. 

  • Improve gut health
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce aggressive behaviour and VICE
  • Improve feed intake
  • Improve FCR
  • Improve immune function and reduce inflammation
  • Reduce antibiotic usage

Pig Compounds

High quality compound feeds, designed to improve performance of pigs at all stages of production from weaning through to finishing. 

  • Made of quality raw materials, with no fillers
  • Achieve high FCR and reduce feed costs
  • Unique grist profile to optimise gut health
  • Lower feed intake, maintain high performance
  • Competitively priced


NutriONics is our live dynamic rationing software for pig, which gives access to the latest equations for calculating the true feeding value of farm specific raw materials

  • Quicker and more accurate raw material appraisals
  • Links to lab NIR analysis and Tropper system
  • Formulates diets with lower environmental impact
  • Carbon modelling of diets
  • Creates diets for each specific farm, optimising use of amino acids and reducing soya dependence

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