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Cost effective, sustainable and performance led diets created on farm.

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Utilising home grown cereals to reduce bought in feed costs, creating traceable, sustainable and performance led diets on farm. Produced using our state of the art mobile milling and mixing vehicles to process, treat or mix superior rations for beef cattle, dairy cows, sheep, pigs and poultry.

Grain Processing

The UK’s leading on farm mobile mill and mix service is available across the UK, offering flexible, convenient and competitively priced bruising, rolling and treatment.

Our state of the art vehicles are fast and accurate, processing up to 40 tonnes per hour, which can be discharged to suit your system – cereals can be emptied into bins, tote bags, trailers or floors.

An NAAC member, our fully trained operators provide a reliable and professional service.

  • High output up to 40tonnes/hour
  • High accuracy load cells
  • Maxammon and Prograin certified processor – calibrated hopper for accurate application
  • Low dust, quiet operation
  • Suitable for AD plants and dock processing work.

Ruminant Mixing

Create high performance, low cost ruminant rations using home grown ingredients with our on farm mixing service. Supported by our nutritional team and specialists providing ration formulation and analysis ensuring that better FCR, rumen health, liveweight gain is achieved.

Rations can be further enhance with our range of feed additives, minerals and concentrates available including Alkacid, Champion Rumitech 35, Beef Max.

  • Output 18 tonnes/hour
  • Custom made mixes
  • Precision weighing of raw materials
  • Blowing or elevating feed
  • High fibre diets
  • Fully traceable, consistent diet – no sorting
  • Reduces labour cost on farm

An NAAC member, our fully trained operators provide a reliable and professional service.

Pig & Poultry Milling & Mixing

Reduce bought in feed costs, control diet formulation, optimise grist profile and improve performance with the most advanced, innovative milling and mixing service in the UK. Combine with customer specific minerals/supplements to maximise performance and health further.

Utilising and processing home grown or locally sourced sustainable raw materials reducing carbon footprint. We can also help with the development of low protein, non-soya dependent high performance diets, further supporting sustainable production.

Producing feed for all stages of life, rations can be combined with our unique feed additives or minerals to maximise performance and health further including Evo, Syntek and Mono Defence.

We offer a complete audit ready support package for poultry customers:

  • End-to-end compliance for British Lion Code
  • Save time and stress through one company responsible for feed safety and bird performance

JSR are a long term customer of our mill and mix service, and consistently achieve outstanding results, find out more here


Feeding to reduce the cost of production

Mixing on farm with our Tropper typically saves producers

£30-£40/tonne* on feed costs compared with compound of the equivalent spec.

On an average 500 sow unit this equates to a cost saving of £160,000/annum.

On an average 64,000 bird unit this equates to a cost saving   of £120,000/annum.

*Based on minimum order of 30 tonnes/order

An NAAC member, our fully trained operators provide a reliable and professional service.

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