Feet & Fertility

Feet & Fertility

Formulated to improve foot health and enhance fertility as a complement to existing husbandry practices.  

Feed spring to autumn – pre-tupping/at tupping for ewes and tups – when grass is plentiful, however it is still important to provide essential vitamins and minerals to ensure nutrient requirements are met. 

Suitable for all sheep and lambs throughout the summer to top up vitamin and mineral supply.

Key features & benefits

Helps support optimum health and immunity 

Helps support hair and hoof condition to reduce lameness risk 

Helps repair cell and tissue damage 

Helps boost fertility performance 

Helps encourage positive epigenetic effect to enhance lifetime performance of progeny 

Part of our Three step nutrition solution –  read more here

What does history have to do with sheep nutrition?
  • 25kg buckets
  • 100kg buckets

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